We All Loved Stained Glass

Henry Willett used to talk extensively about the lost and lure of stained glass.  He was very much a lover of stained glass. When studying stained glass the typical student must study for years before understanding the true meaning of stained glass.

I have found that some students are so passionate about stained glass it almost amazes me because it takes me back to a time when I was young and I was studying stained glass for the first time. It was an amazing time for me.

Check out this video we found. It’s Pretty Great!


Stained Glass and All its Glory

The term “Stained Glass” can mean many different types of art. As you know art means different things to different people. The most common form of stained glass is flat and assembled on a table to form a window typically found in a church. Churches have been known to have stained glass windows since about 1000 A.D. The glass was originally cut into shapes and then a bead of lead was used to hold the pieces together. Other methods include painting the stained glass and then fusing the color onto the glass with a kiln.

Stained glass gets it color by adding metallic salts to the glass when they manufacture it. Interesting story: Legend has it that the ship wrecked men used to put glass pots on a box over the fire. The wooden boxes would have steal straps on them to hold them together. The glass from the pots would mix with some of the metal and they would find colored glass in the morning. Not sure if these where pirates or not but aaaarrrrrgggggg! I love pirates. Thinking about the people who were shipwrecked, did they get found? (I digress)


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