About Us

My name is Hanz and I have loved stained glass since I was a young child and it is my wish that everyone gets to experience the great things about stained glass. I am always trying new things and new ways to color and make stained glass art. I have been working with stained glass since I was 15 when I got a job helping a stained glass artist do some yardwork. He was very passionate about the stained glass he would make. He had a few pieces of stained glass art in his landscaping, and one day I asked about them. Ever since then he would talk to me about stained glass every time I came over to work in his yard. We became very good friends and he started teaching me how to make stained glass.

Today I am an electrical engineer and I work on stained glass as my favorite hobby. Some people love the stained glass I make and I sell it at small fairs and gatherings we have at one of the local parks. It’s Donovan Park in Houston if you want to stop by and see me. It’s saturday afternoons in the warmer months.